Revealed! : How To 

Fast Track Yourself to Fluency &

Develop a Powerful Network

in Exactly 6 Hours per Month !!



It’s Started With A Dream…

Dear Friend,

Do you remember your Dream?

Yes! This very dream you’ve cherished for years…

The one where you Speak French fluently…in full control.

This fantastic dream where you can see and hear yourself joking with friends and colleagues, surprising your audience in very few words and even flooring customers who ask for you and only you.

This dream where you feel magnetic, unstoppable, charismatic and praised!

Nothing but success on your own terms!

Would you like this French version of Yourself to manifest and shine in “Real Life”?

Well, you’re about to become your own French Alter Ego…and much sooner than you think.

Sounds Like a LONG SHOT…I Get that

  Difficult to imagine that, after plateauing for such a long time, and so many efforts, you would suddenly become fluent.

  Difficult to conceive that you would « magically » find extra time in your busy schedule to Learn.

  Hard to believe that by some mysterious process, you would drastically elevate your game in French…

All rational points, but

what if,

what if you were offered The Chance to materialize Fluent French in your Life?

Would you hang on to this cherished dream or forgo the mere possibility to discover a totally new version of yourself?

My Friend, Do Not Let Your Vision Fade away… I’m coming with Exciting News!

There’s a Powerful METHOD that can  SAVE YOU Years Of Practice and give you the Absolute CONFIDENCE to Engage in and Lead discussions in French.

Personal discussions, professional discussions, business discussions. It doesn’t matter…

You’re about to get spectacular results for the tiny investment of 6 Hours per Month, that is 1.5 hour per week!!

If you can accommodate this limited extra time for the next Months, you can Change Your Relationship with French… forever.

..And, there’s more..

As a side-effect of this particular Method, you can Expect to elevate your business skills and build solid relationships.

…Wait a minute!

Am I talking about Developing your Network (Net-worth) while Learning French?


In fact, you’re just a few seconds away from an advanced version of the Future of Learning and Teaching..

« Adieu Obsolete Learning Models! », it’s time to flip the traditional learning script and consider the 

« Non-linear » Way..

Let me eplain.

You would normally expect to first elevate your game in French and then adapt your knowledge to your specific needs.

The In-Fluent Club cuts throught this Linear Thinking  

You learn on the fly, you learn by doing, you learn by learning, you learn by speaking.

The Result

A much more Condensed and Impactful Learning Period!

Let me give you an example:

Assume you have foundations in French but can’t go very far after a basic introduction…

In short, French Makes You Shy

You feel frustrated because you know that French is somehow « already in you« , but so far, you’ve found NO Way to EXPRESS it.

You can « hear » the music, you « feel » the music but when you try to play, it’s as if the piano were broken

no matter how hard you try.

And, to top it all, you don’t really know where to start and what to do to improve…

Does this sound familiar to you? I guess so.

In fact, it’s exactly as if you were trying to solve this Rubix Cube…by getting lucky!!?


Yes, Good luck with that!

It’s possible…statistically !

But frankly speaking,  what’s even more possible is that you’ll end up throwing this Cube away – multiple times ! –  before getting any kind of result…and eventually deciding to quit.

When you think about it…this is actually what happened to you with French, right?

Take a deep breath. Come on In!

We’re going to fix this together in

A Game-Changing Environment

« Willpower is great, Environment is even better » – Olivier

A proper environment is a key component for significant transitions.

The reason is simple:

When things look messy and difficult, when doubts kick-in, when the lower-self is lurking, this environment is…your anchor.

This is the exact reason I’d like to warmly welcome you to your New French Ecosystem.

An immersive, collaborative and supportive environment where 16 like-minded professionals are about to push you beyond your limits and make you Excel in French. (I’ll come-back to this number 16 in a moment…)

If you’re looking for a significant boost in your confidence and to attack French with serenity, c’est ici!

>> Just one hint: Imagine for a moment that for any contribution you make, you receive a detailed feedback on

 how to be more specific in terms of vocabulary

 how to accelerate your flow

how to improve the structure of your presentation

why you should use “aussi” instead of  “également” in this particular sentence etc..

But watch out! The In-Fluent Club is Not about teaching.

It’s about Living, Thinking, Breathing and Elevating in French.

And there’s more!

You reciprocate by helping other members

overcoming their obstacles,

getting rid of their Anxiety, and

catapulting their level at a super-fast pace.

I guess you realize you will definitely not be alone in this.

Let me now partly unveil why this approach is so powerful.

The Power of Exponential Learning 

 What is Exponential Learning ?

I promise I won’t bother with Math..Let’s go.

The shortest and most direct definition stands in 3 words : Learning by Sharing.

In other words, you’re NOT Learning through Your Own “acquisition curve”.

Non. Not any More!

Don’t get me wrong, you still have to internalize and process knowledge.

The Key Difference is that you’re tapping into a collective and growing knowledge, thanks to the Power of the Group.

I like to use a straightforward analogy:

Superman is great, right?

But how much stronger is he when the colleagues are in?

In our specific case, you (Superman, Superwoman) can leverage the vocabulary, the expressions, the feedback brought by 15 other superheroes – What about that?

How much more knowledge and confidence can you build in these conditions?

A way lot more, because you’re in The Invincible Team.

This is a Complete Game-changer and this is an Unfair Advantage.

Advantage, because, by using this principle, you will separate yourself from « standard » learners at a pace they will never recover from.

Whatever MOOC, online or physical formula they choose, exponential learning will systematically outperform the didactic (teacher/students) way..

In short, the SuperHero team has the Upper hand right from the start

Unfair, because most people think they need to be born a superhero to make it to the League.

What they do not know yet, is that the superpower has simply been dormant for years.

They are not aware that they only need the correct environment and the right team to become unbeatable.

How can I be so sure about  that?

I wasn’t born in Krypton, nor did I inherit my parents’ fortune and  Manoir…Au contraire my friend!

I discovered and experienced Exponential Learning at one of a Top European Business school through an intense online MBA program.

I’ve simply tweaked the concept, adapted it to French Language and voilà!

Exponential learning became one of the 3 pillars of my signature course: Fluent in French in Four weeks.

Un professeur attentif et efficace…

An attentive and efficient professor


Asset Manager, London

Le Cours m’a poussée à me dépasser..

The course helped me surpass myself..


Teacher, Toronto

[..] la possibilité de finalement appliquer mes connaisances

[..] at last, the possibility to apply my knowledge


Chef Concierge, Munich

You see, no radioactive spider, no angry green guy disturbing the peace !

I think I kept the promise not to get into a fancy math demonstration.

Now…more on this Fantastic team.

A Compact & Highly Focused Team

16 Members

1 Goal

4 Pres./Week

The In-Fluent Club stands for Efficiency

We offer a Maximum of 16 Seats per Year.

 – The obvious reason is that an overcrowded audience means low focus, fragmented learning and too much Noise. You see, we strive for a superior experience for each of our contributors. We can’t be complacent with “a mass of sluggards” (excuse my [explicit] French here!).

 – The practical reason is that each Member presents a theme of their choice once a month to maintain full engagement and participation. With 4 presentations per session, we reach 16 presentations per month.

Think about the impact of 16 presentations -with in depth feedback, corrections and tips- over the course of one Month Only!!!

…And wait till you see how this is is going to COMPOUND, two, six and eight months from now…

Over the course of a year and with No less Than 176 presentations, French naturally becomes second-nature...

Ready To Solve  What’s Keeping You Awake at Night..

Things get even better here.

You can bring any topic from your particular industry, present any specific issue you have (In French for sure) and benefit from the full attention and support from your peers.

An excellent way to Grow and Discover new concepts and ideas.

Your topic doesn’t even have to be connected to France or any given French-speaking country.

You see where I’m going?!

➡ You can leverage the group experience as an extra support for your own activities.

Oui! c’est ça…

It’s like discussing with 16 consultants about your particular pain points.

The twist is that you do this in French!

Can you think about a better way to Learn AND Save Precious Time?!

Humm..OK, I’m getting slightly over-excited now..

Here are some examples of the themes we’re going to explore and nail togetherin French bien-sûr.

Pandémie:Bientôt la fin du tunnel?

L’Emergence des Crypto-monnaies

 L’Economie en 3.0

Développer du Business en Afrique

Développer du Business en Asie

 Créer son E-Commerce en 2021

Ma découverte de la Grèce

Le Futur de l’Industrie du Toursime

Mon roman Préféré

Pourquoi parler plusieurs langues ?

? Your specific Topic Here

Comment Améliorer sa productivité?

Business Case #X

  Comment conquérir son marché?


And MANY MANY MORE !! You’re Doing the Menu!

All right ! We’ve covered quite a lot so far, so let’s summarize what you receive

as an Active Member of The In-Fluent Club



The privilege to catapult your French Level for the Highly leveraged investment of

1.5 hour per week.



EXACTLY where the Magic happens with the powers of a supercharged team. The fastest way known so far to improve individually and collectively…



The support of Like-minded avid learners willing to expand their French skills while sharing ideas to develop at personal and professional levels.



 « The Successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus » – Bruce Lee.

We humbly co-create an atmosophere for you to focus.



A true “osmosis”. Pitching, presenting, discussing and structuring your thoughts in French will become second nature. You absorb best practices and above all, rewire your brain on communicating in French…



Acess to professionals from every type of industry (Banking, Finance, Construction, Hospitality, Coaching, E-commerce..), from multiple places in the World, with various ages, experiences and background. You Won’t be the smartest in the room! Guess What. I won’t either..and it’s very ok!


A Committed Moderator

That will be me. The extra spark of energy  and enthusiasm to make this experience fun, exciting …and addictive.

Oh, Yes! You’re gonna Love these [Thank God it’s] Saturdays!

Some Words of Wisdom Though

Now, before you join this Incredible Team, I have to be very clear and straightforward with you…

Tough Love Ahead…

If you’re the kind of person who gets pumped-up at the beginning of a Membership and then does not show-up to grasp the fruits of their investment, I am sorry to say: Please Do Not Join! (This is not a Place for January Gym members…Désolé)

If you’re not Sure about the Value The In-Fluent Club could bring to you and if you do not feel ready to commit for 1.5 hour per week, Please Do Not Join!

If you’re not ready to bring value and your A-game , Please Do Not Join!

We’re shooting for quite a significant change and can’t afford to lack consistency and focus in the journey.

I hope you understand how committed we are towards the success of all our Members.

After these direct yet precious and kind recommendations, you may start projecting yourself as an active member of this passionate, motivated and powerful team.

If you’re with me so far, I sense that you now picture yourself

Presenting  like « un pro »… without any fear

Developing le « Je ne sais Quoi »

Becoming a value-generator

Dreaming Big..In French, Enfin!

Crushing it with the other Members

Alors, don’t let this Vision Fade away! I have something for you 

Your Personal Invitation to


The Annual In-Fluent Club Membership is 1404 €.

**Bear with me, you will not invest all this money…keep reading please**

This covers 44 Sessions which is slightly below 32 €/session for the value you’ve discovered in the previous section.

You could easily find lots of online-tutors ready to help you with French at similar or even lower rates…but definitely Not for this type of experience and leverage. What do you think?

And look below, there’s more!

The Memberhsip comes with FREE Bonuses you’ll be delighted to take advantage of.

 – BONUS #1 – Le Voucher –

By joining a Full Year membership of the In-Fluent Club, you immediately get a 960 € voucher on my Flagship Program FFF [Fluent in French in Four weeks]…Yes! The exact program I’m most known for and which title speaks for itself.²

And…Oui! This is valid for ALL 16 Members!! No trick, no strings. You Join, You Get the Voucher.

A unique opportunity to work with me for one month which is very likely to culminate by you being fluent!

This rare voucher itself neutralizes your Investment with The In-Fluent Club.

Bonus #1,  Value : 960 €

But wait..don’t thank me yet!

 – BONUS #2 – The Power Calls –

You may at some point need more specific one to one support

Well, by registering to the Yearly Plan, you’re covered with 2 X 1-hour Power Calls where we can sort-out any difficulty.

I will personally guide you for a meeting or a presentation if needed.

Just let me know exactly what you need, we get through it together and make sure you ace it, absolutely FREE!

The Power Calls Bonus is valid throughout your membership.

                                                                                                                                         — Bonus #2, Value  : 300 €

And we’re not done yet!

– BONUS #3 – Exclusive Insider Bonus –

If you join in September or October, you get access to lower rates. How low? 

You can save up to 444 € depending on your (monthly/yearly) payment plan. 

— Bonus #3 (Monthly Payment), Founding Member : 204 €

— Bonus #3 (Yearly Payment), Founding Member :444 €

Let’s put this on paper...

I guess you did the Math already! You’re getting even more in Bonuses than in the Offer itself.

This is how serious The In-Fluent Club is about making you successful

Before all Eyes and all Ears turn on You,


And Remember, we have 16 Seats available 

The In-Fluent Club Starts In








 ...About Doing It…Next Year

You may be tempted to thank me for the tip and decide to book your seat…next year.

Let me say this to you in French: « C’est une fausse bonne idée!« 

You would actually be depriving us from your talent and missing an opportunity to become more creative, more receptive and more confident in your own ability to expand.

You see, this is not ONLY about getting Fluent in French. The plan is to ELEVATE in French.

Wouldn’t it be more stimulating to (enfin!) leave this plateau?

Aren’t you curious to discover how dazzled your customers, colleagues or business partners will be next time you perform a hypnotic presentation?

And what about This Big Dream? Do you want to meet this French Version of Yourself? (« Enchanté! »)

Dear Friend,  it’s perfectly fine if you have other priorities for the months ahead.

BUT, if getting Fluent is one of your Goals, if you feel this burning desire, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!

THIS IS the moment you’re going – once and for all – to change your trajectory with French and ELEVATE

At the pace things are going to change for you in the coming weeks, you simply cannot afford to delay!

 And no need to remind that the « Founding Member » plan will be gone next year…


The In-Fluent Club Starts In








R.S.V.P Now While The Best Rate is Available

Do You Have Questions?

When Are The Sessions Scheduled?

Sessions are scheduled each Saturday at 3.00 pm C.E.T <Central European Time = Paris Time>

What If I Miss One Session?

No Worries, Sessions are recorded.

However don’t expect to make progress if you only wath the sessions.

We highly encourage you to take active part in each of these sessions.

What's Exactly on the Menu For Each Session?

Each live meeting lasts 90 min.

It is organized as follows:

4 X 20 min. presentation.

— For each of the presentation

  • 5-min presentation by one of the Member
  • 10 min  for brainstorming, calrification questions and correction
  • 5-min where you actually give it another try based on the feedback

10 min. wrapping-up for the following Saturday

You receive a template for your presentation and all students are encouraged to fill-in « The Vocabulary Vault » (another great surprise for you..)

Is This Graded?


We value inspiration not competition!

And remember, this is about growing tother..

Of course, there will be differences in learning rythms..but rest assured we leave no one behind.

Are There Prerequisites to Join?

A good one !

B1-Level (or upper) is an ideal match for this Club.

Beginners may be tempted to join but would not be able to fully contribute.

This is why I do not recommend The In-Fluent Club  for beginners

Can I join After the Offical Registration Date?

Yes but only in case of discontinuance from a Member…

My suggestion if you’re coming too late : Kindly Position yourself on the Waiting List..

When can I Cancel?

We’ll be sad to let you go and you’ll be missed.

If you really have to go, you can cancel:  

Anytime with the Monthly Payment Plan with a one-Month notice.

Anytime with Annual Plan with  a one-Month notice.

Important : Yearly plans are Not refundable after the second Month. The upside is that you have eight sessions to decide…


À Très Bientôt dans notre Club !




I value customer experience and feedback.

Send me an email at  for any questions, comments and concerns.

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