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Each of the 44  90-Minute-Sessions is structured as follows:

Phase #1 : Presentations

Each of the 4 listed students for the particular session is invited to present his/her topic for 5 Minutes and 5 Minutes only

5min / Presenting Member = 20 min.

Phase #2 : Brainstorming + Corrections

We take time to ask clarification questions, find « better ways » to convey the ideas and provide the Member with the specific guidance and corrections

10 min / Presenting Member = 40 min.

Phase #3 : Implementation

The IN-FLUENT Club does not wait for someday for you to apply your knoweldge.

On the basis of the guidance provided, the Member gives it another try.

No worries. We nurture a collaborative, supportive and friendly environment..

5min / Presenting Member = 20 min.

Phase #4 : Wrapping-Up

We review together the main takeaways and prepare for the following Saturday.

10 min.

Olivier Malanda

Coach / Moderator

Olivier is taking the concept to its full extent. He’s acutely aware of the roadblocks which have prevented you for becoming fluent…up to now

Free Content and Resources

Because you don’t have to be great to get Started but you need to Get Started to be Great

What's Next ?

I’ll be back to you shortly with the list of the sessions and how to get prepared. Stay Tuned.

Bienvenue à toi!

Any question in the meantime. Contact me.

 – Olivier

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