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FFF_FA_Coalition Pack3


BPPlease make sure you have

 > ordered Français Authentique – PACK3 through this link

 > and got your matching plan code activated before proceeding to your payment.

=> Your overall payment will be reduced to 549 €  (300 € savings)

This ultimate bundle offer consists of:
> Français Authentique Pack 3 – « Vidéos Authentiques »
> our signature program Fluent in French in Four weeks (FFF)

No way you can’t make it after completion of this pack. See you soon!

Catégorie :


Français Authentique (Vidéos Authentiques) + FFF (Fluent in French in Four weeks)

> Best value in terms of French immersion

 > No obligation to register for FFF till you feel confident and ready 

 > You’re fully in control as you decide to activate (or not) your matching plan by simply sending your Français Authentique invoice @: olivier@frenchusomuch.com

> You save 35% on the nominal value

FUSM Recommendation

> If you’re just about to leave to France, go for this one!

> Make sur you score at least A2 at this test before joining FFF


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