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« Get you Fluent in French fast through a Fully Immersive Experience »

1/ We mean Fluent, i.e able to speak easily and accurately, with a good command of French Language

We mean Fast (and not furious), i.e fast enough for you to transition from transactional (“Bonjour! Je voudrais une baguette s’il vous plait“) to fully conversational ([…]  » j’ai une histoire très drôle à vous raconter ») communication. We claim that you can get fluent in one month (yes, you read 4 weeks), assuming you’ve got the basic foundations of course.

Click here for more with our FFF course. Should fluency not be an emergency, you still can use our resources to put your learning curve on boosters

2/ We mean Fully immersive experience. You may not be able to travel to France to learn French. We will nonetheless consistently bring French content to you to help you master grammar, conjugation and proper writing. In short, we decipher the content to make the learning easy while taking the drama out.