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Partner program                                                                                                     – L’union fait la Force // Unity makes strength –


What do Bulgaria, Belgium, Angola and Haïti have in common? (French version here)

…A powerful and simple motto that captured the very essence of significant historical shifts: « L’union fait la force ». (Unity makes strength).

Getting fluent is operating a significant shift as well but working alone and isolated may turn out to be demoralizing as permanent feedback and support is needed throughout the journey… I guess you’ll feel much stronger, much safer, more focused and more accountable within a powerful coalition. 

As you’re about to embark for « destination fluency », I’d like to provide you with a smart way to make it happen:

You may have discovered Frenchusomuch through a Français Authentique Podcast (available here). If you have not, Français Authentique is a solid « Institution » (yes I mean it!) which has successfully been helping french learners for several years while building an outstanding reputation. I naturally turned to Johan when I was launching FFF.

Well guess what? Frenchusomuch and Français Authentique join forces by offering you the opportunity to develop your skills in French from Frenchusomuch platform. You now have the possibility to combine two complementary approaches to secure your goal.

What’s in for you?

  • Continuous learning
  • congruency
  • A unique leveraged investment.

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Continous Learning

You are free to use FA’s packs before, after or independently from FFF. Moreover, you get the flexibility to strengthen your language capabilities at your own pace while being able to fully control your learning experience. (You decide / You’ve got the power)

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Français Authentique methodology and FFF offer an efficient and winning combination. Let me leave the floor to Florian (one of my students from July’s intake). Tu comprendras sans doute mieux…

Writing Environment

FUSM Matching Plan

FUSM covers your investment in any of Français Authentique’s packs by backing-up your purchase (2€/€- Not a mistake!). Let’s see how things actually work

Matching Plan_FUSM_Double


You’ll notice that your savings mechanically increase as your Français Authentique purchases are high. This is how FUSM supports you in

  • taking the incremental step
  • helping you think big and bold


If you’re serious about getting rid of this « sentiment d’inachevé »

> You can decide according to your objective, timeline and  current proficiency level with the following options

>> Any of FA’s leveraged packs till you’re ready for FFF

>> straight to the fast lane with FFF (with FA to further enhance your learning curve)

You will be part of a unique coalition targeted to complete (enfin!) this step of your personal development.[spacer height= »20px »]

[spacer height= »20px »] »Expect to earn your fluency, Expect to have fun » Olivier, Frenchusomuch


It’s now your job to take action and decide over three courses of action:

a/ Status quo and farewell?!

b/ Getting either Pack1 /2/3 through FUSM and ok for now? You’ll come back to FFF whenever you decide

c/ Getting Pack 1 /2 or 3 and booking your seat for the upcoming sessions (September & October)

How to proceed?  

Warning : If you’re not ready to initiate the transition towards fluency, I kindly ask you to leave this page right away. 

Alternatively, remember this Bob Proctor’s quote before getting started:

« Anyone that ever accomplished anything, did not know how they were going to do it. They only knew they were going to do it« 

 To benefit from our affiliate offer and elevate your French skills through Français Authentique,  follow the instructions below:



Pack 1 – Découverte

If you’re just getting started or would like to re-build confidence in understanding French, go for it

Start Now


Pack 2 – Discussions Authentiques

Implement and practice repetition with no less that 16 groups of lessons

Start Now


Pack 3 – Vidéos Authentiques

Enhanced experience through detailed videos. You’re now getting autonomous

Start Now

 To complement with the BUNDLE offer


Words of Wisdom

bullet_blueReminder: Buying a program is not getting a magic ticket.

bullet_blueMake sure you score at least A2 at  http://www.languagelevel.com/french/ before enrolling to FFF

bullet_blueFFF is an intensive program. Make sure you can maintain momentum for 28 (consecutive) days as FFF refund policy does not cover cancellation.

bullet_blueBasic terms and conditions

— FFF Prices are firm till December 31st, 3016.

— Upcoming FFF sessions are scheduled as follows:

> September 17th to October 15th

> Oct 22nd to November 19th

> No session in November/December…(c’est Noël quand même…..)

bullet_blue Five (5) seats are available per FFF session

bullet_blueI hereby make clear that this is an affilialte set-up where FUSM gets a commission from FA for each pack purchased from FUSM

bullet_blueAny question: e-mail me @: olivier@frenchusomuch.com

bullet_blueC’est maintenant ou jamais! Saisis cette chance car tu as maintenant tout l’accompagnement nécessaire.


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bullet_blueAfter ordering your Français Authentique’s PACK through our affiliate links,  send your invoice @ olivier@frenchusomuch.com

> Français Authentique – Pack 1 – Découverte : Here

> Français Authentique – Pack 2 – Discussions Authentique : Here

> Français Authentique – Pack 3 – Vidéos Authentiques : Here

bullet_blueYou’ll receive your couppon code to activate FUSM Matching plan

bullet_blueChoose among these 3 COALITION PACKS

bullet_blueReminder: You can buy your FA Pack NOW and come back WHENEVER  you’re ready for FFF.




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