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Get Fluent in French, The Hypersonic Way  

This Fantastic and Liberating Experience Redefines the Outline of Your PotentialHere’s How.

A Genuine & Serious Question

Dear Friend,

You’ve reached this page with one single question in your mind: 

« How fast Can I Become Fluent in French ?

 This is a genuine and fascinating question.

A Genuine question because

    • you need to quickly close the gap that separates you from Fluency.
    • You may even be under pressure to materialize fluency for personal, professional or business reasons.
  • All good ! You’re in the right place

A Serious question because

    • you still haven’t found a satisfactory answer…
    • You rightly discarded the phony claims with all the bells and whistles
    • But, you also literally lost hope in front of the « standard durations » – lightyears away from your expectations.

You’ve experienced French for some time now.  You know and you feel – deep inside – that there MUST BE something that can geometrically change your relationship with French.

You’ve been trying different methods, different podcasts, different teachers.

Yet, this missing part seems to be as mysterious and elusive as a mirage

And just like in a mirage, you no longer know where to turn to and who to seek help from.

Worst, the lack of a definitive solution prevents you from grasping new opportunities; be it changing country, working with new clients or bringing superior value in your marketplace.

You no longer want to live in the Shadow of a bright future

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You’re a few lines away to remove All the barriers and reach a long-cherished goal

Way Sooner Than You Think.. 

..because of an Inconceivable News

I’ve developed, tested and now improved a Complete Protocol enabling students and professionals with bases in French (A2-Level minimum) to transition to Fluency in 4 weeks.

Yes! You read that right:  

28 DAYS !

I get it! This is outrageous, blatantly scandalous and enormous in terms of implications..if this is real.

But please, just don’t take my words for it.

You Need to Hear it for Yourself..

"Le Professeur Olivier est très attentif aux élèves et à leurs progrès

Olivia Smit 

Public Relations and Receptions

The Netherlands

"Un Professeur attentif et efficace

Rafael Latorre Pereira

Asset Manager


"J'ai pu Enfin Appliquer mes Connaissances


Chef Concierge


Ok, this sounds good and more probable now.

However, I am sure a prudent reader like you would like to know…

Who’s Olivier? 

Olivier Malanda

Olivier Malanda

Creator of French U So Much

Yes! Who’s behind this Fully Transformative Journey?

Olivier is the Creator of FrenchuSoMuch, your Fast Lane to Fluency.

Just like you, he’s acutely aware of  the frustration and stress that comes along with not being able to communicate in a foreign language…

Definitely not a desirable situation but… this will change now.

Olivier is a native French French speaker, currently learning German. He’s fluent  in English, Spanish and Creole.

He studied Latin and Ancient Greek…Yes!…way back in the days… 

He’s been a Catalyst for several students and strive to help them Growand Elevate BEYOND French skills.

And now that the ice is broken,

Would 4 weeks (28 days) be fine with you ?


If so, I can sense that a question is currently burning your lips :

How is this Even possible?

Let me kindly relieve you from this pain…

Some Words Of Wisdom

A Disclaimer

First, I have to make it clear:

I’m not a Neuroscientist. I don’t have any PhD and I don’t define myself from the letters after my name…

As an early disclaimer:

The speed at which you can sponge-up a language depends (by order of importance) on your Humility and Love for the target language.

This condensed observation is very profound.

I bet that the words Humility and Love never appeared in any of your French Classbooks…in the same sentence.

After this short digression, keep your 86 billion Neurons alert. I am going to explain:

How Is This Even Possible?

I won’t take you through abstract and long theories…

I did one(1) thing and one simple thing :

Defining the Winning Operating Framework or what I’ve labelled the

Fluency Triangle


Why a Triangle?

Because, you only need to NAIL  3 components to become Fluent at supersonic speed

The mere idea of getting fluent in French can seem very intimating.

The rules, the grammar, the pronunciation, the orthograph are not necessarily obvious. (and even French people are struggling!!).

Being fluent means AUTOMATICALLY and FLAWLESSLY putting the exact words in the correct order for an IMPACTFUL contribution.

The method I am sharing with you is exactly like solving a RubixCube with 3 simple sets of actions. (Surprisingly, I personnaly used to spoil the game by unsticking the stickers..but that’s another story..)

The beauty of this approach is that the more you Master any of the 3 components, the more Fluent you get.

Yes my friend..there’s…a Compounding Effect in this Method.


The Fluency Triangle


You don’t actually need to know more than that; at least for now.

On this very simple basis, we expand with exercises that literally put your learning curve on boosters.

Talking about boosting the learning curve, the dagger and most spectacular accelerating factor is the Exponential Learning experience.

Learning Exponentially?

Let Me Explain

The most condensed definition of Exponential Learning is :

Learning by Sharing.

Sharing or explaining implies that you internalize and apply the knowledge to the benefit of other teammates.

The Enormous advantage of the Fluent in French Formula is that your teammates reciprocate.

Which means…

you’re not learning at your individual pace.

You’re tapping into a collective and growing knowledge.

Let me give you a very specific example to illustrate this important notion:

Assume we’re doing an exercise together and we then share the vocabulary.

You’re bringing 10 new words, I’m bringing 10 new words.

What just happened here?

>> We now (collectively) know 20 words.

Now if we bring new students in and do other exercises, how much more vocabulary, structure, pronunciation tips  can we absorb by the the of one single day ?!

Yes, you just got it!

Correct ! Kind of an Artificial Intelligence  – with the Major Difference that it’s…100% REAL !!.

Don’t be surprised though.

Exponential Learning has already been in use in MBAs and Corporations where knowledge, know-how and information MUST be spread and used “instantly”…

Why this emphasis on Speed?

In our competitive and fast-paced world, « SPEED eats BIG for Breakfast ».  Speed is the difference between « buffering » organizations and high performing organizations.

Exponential Learning offers you the possibility to Master French in just a fraction of time you would via the old-fashioned (linear) way…

And guess what! Sometimes it goes Even Faster !!!

Have a listen to Nadia (from Toronto) who unfortunately got sick by week #3 of the program…

Oui! The results achieved by my students are nothing less than spectacular. They reached this level by taking advantage of one of

The Most Complete Fluency Program Available On the Market 

A formula that provides you with ALL the support and tools you need to manifest Fluency fast.

Before I take you to the  content of these 4 game-changing weeks, here’s a few of the fantastic benefits of the  French Fluency Catalyst 

#1. The Right Mindset

To explode your limits…

I got this powerful quote from my Mentor :

Skillset without Mindset results in Upset”.

Let’s Be honest. Why do you think the coaching or Self-Development Industry is so flourishing?

Because, most of the time, the Program is Not Enough

What do I mean by that?

Most trainees tend to start highly pumped and ready to execute. But if the mindset doesn’t follow, chances for actual success are very low.

We’re going to explore how to be aware, stay focused and collectedBEFORE the program actually starts.

It’s all about reaching the proper « calibration » that converts information into knowledge and knowledge into action.

And yes, by the way, the level of awareness you’re getting here is fully transferrable to any activity where you need to make an impact.

Merci qui ?!

#2. An Unshakeable Confidence

..And Not Only in French..

Let me explain.

How would you feel if one month from now, you could amaze a job interviewer or make a compelling sales presentation… in French?

I can’t promise you’ll land on the job or close the deal.

Yet, I can bet that French won’t be the problem and your level of confidence either

But Olivier, How to train confidence?!

I am glad you asked. My answer is very simple. Simulation and Practice.

We practice and simulate interviews and presentations in French. Expect to be in front of a supportive and uplifting team that makes sure you know your stuff.

Let me use an analogy.

If you think the Elite Basket-Ball Players just throw the Balls away and expect to score, think twice.

The positions, timing, perimeter,…everything is thoroughly prepared and minutely choregraphed to maximize chances.

You are now in the starting Line-up to increase your “French shot” accuracy and conversion.

#3. Networking

Growing with French

Your teammates are not just a “bunch of other students”.

It’ s a Mastermind Group that values Inspiration.

Of course, the shortened timeline demands to be organized and efficient.

You’ll probably not have time to “chill with the guys”.

But, I highly encourage you to nurture this relationship because…

you have much more than French in common.

In fact, French is far from being the common denominator.

28 days is largely enough to connect, commit and co-create, setting new grounds to expand your horizons and access to resources or people you couldn’t dream to get in touch with.

The now widely spread adage says: Network = Net Worth.

You’re set for both

#4. An Unprecedented Momentum

And Now a Puzzling Question

If you no longer need months or years to become fluent, what are you going to do with this extra-time?

You’re about to free-up a considerable amount of the most precious and coveted commodity: Time.

So, it is very wise to keep this momentum going and foresee how you’re going to use this time…

My best recommendation would be to keep elevating by taking new challenges: another language,  some more time to think strategically about your next business steps, some more readings to keep learning (and earning)…

Possibilities are countless.

Once you prove to yourself you can make it with French, you simply unlock your trajectory.

So please, use this extra time to your higher good and don’t content with ONLY being happy to speak French Fluently.

I give you this accelerator and clear the path.

It’s up to you to keep your feet on the gas, reach even more ambitious goals and never look back.

Meet Cristina who started her internship in Paris speaking Fluently from Day One.

Just imagine how fast she easily became a key contributor in a stunned French team!!

The rest is History…

#5. A Highly Leveraged Formula

The Concept is « Digestible »

This Highly leveraged program is crafted for you to succeed without investing too much of your time.

What do I mean by that?

You can integrate the experience in your daily routine and reap the benefits while continuing most of your usual activities.

Don’t get me wrong though.

There’s a reason why this program is not called “French & Chill”…

You need to dedicate a sufficient and  consistent time each day to rewire your brain around French.

I’ve had Business Schools students, retired, hospitality and tourism professionals.

They were all able to accommodate sufficient time to see progress shortly after engaging in the course.

And Last, without spoiling the surprise, I guide you on how to be more productive

#6. A Mentor On A Mission

My Humble Contribution


I directly supervise and drive the program. You learn directly from me (and the other students).

Which means, I personally take care of all your corrections and feedback.

In fact you’re getting feedback from me EACH and EVERYDAYfor 28 days

I take a high amount of ownership in making sure that you’re fully equipped and victorious!

In reality, I see the training as a space mission.

We’re going to enter what could be perceived as a hostile environment, reach the destination and make it back…in one piece…and Fluent.

This is not a Program…it’s a Mission…

..and Let Me Show You Now

The Details of this Mission



To kick things off, we start by reconnecting with French with some revisions.

Then, you start practicing your Résumés and getting feedback on how to improve these résumés.

Last, you discover and conquer your French Voice.

This last  segment is an EPIPHANY!

  • The Fundamentals
  • Your « Résumé» Mastery
  • Your French Voice



Now things are getting real and this is the most critical part of the mission. Why?

Because – just like in a space mission – you need to Escape Gravity.

Doubts kick-in, it’s getting faster and faster and your confidence is put to the test.

No worries…we have each-other’s back and remain calm and collected through this turbulence zone thanks to our 3 anchors.

Remember, whenever in doubt, hang tight to these principles

  • Reading Out Loud
  • Summarizing
  • Exponential Learning




You’ve already overcome most of the obstacles and can now ENJOY speaking “French in O-gravity”.

Of course, you still make some mistakes (which are highly praised and recommended by the way) but…this is so much fun!

And wait, there’s more! You’re ready for Role-Playing Games with the members of the crew.

A memorable week which culminates in the actual Live-Recordings of these games and simulations


  • The Fluency Triangle
  • Games and Simulations



Before enrolling, we discussed your aspirations, places of interest and immediate goals right after the program.

Well, in week 4, we make sure you’re 100% prepared and ready to surpass these objectives

  • Job interview ?-> We’ve got your back
  • Your Next meeting in French -> We’ve got your back
  • Sales Presentations ? -> We’ve got your back
  • TedX-Talk ? Hum…Never had this before but If you dare, then let’s do this! C’est quand tu Veux..
  • Back To Your Future
  • Games and Simulations

Attends! There’s More 

Each week, on top of our Weekly Live Sessions on Saturday, we have a One/one meeting.

It’s just You and Me (en tête-à-tête)…to make sure you :

– keep on track

– slowly but surely eradicate mistakes and

– build this “confiance en soi”.

It’s time to share  your challenges on any particular topic you’d like to discuss or clarify..

Yes, exactly! Another 1-to-1 booster to get all the chances on your side.

And frankly speaking, if you’re with me up to this point, I guess you will agree that there’s nothing about chance, luck, “Maybe” and « Peut-être » in this Mission. What do you think?

To make it neat and short your Fluency flight plan looks like this.

Now my friend, I’ve just shown you an efficient and winning method to become fluent in French very fast. I can help you accomplish something great.

Can this really be done?

Absolument! You’ve just heard some of the students I’ve worked with..

But, I have to make something crystal clear…(excuse my French here).

If you’re looking for fluency without effort or If you’re looking for a “Get Fluent Quick Scheme”, then…I can’t help you. Désolé.

Maybe –  in a not so remote time – anyone will be able to Upload French in their brain and then « magically speak like a native ».

Till this date, you’re in front one of the most solid concepts for French Fluency seekers…

But, there’s a Good News and a Bad News 

    • The Good and Exciting News I have for your is that I am NOW accepting applications for 5 New Students.
    • The Bad News – you’ve just read it actually – is that I ONLY take 5 Students.

Why On Earth will I  take ONLY 5 students ?!

The reason stands in one word: Accountability.

You see, this Catalyst is not a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) nor a fancy app you can upload and preciously save somewhere in your computer for years.

It’s not a series of superficial rendez-vous with an on-the-clock teacher either…

Quite the opposite.

This impactful program demands a High-Degree of Commitment and Accountability.

Your Progress automatically impacts the entire Team’s performance.

So, we just can’t afford to deal with a large, unfocused and diluted team.

Remember Bruce Lee’s profound quote :

« The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus ».

Be ready to be successful in a dependable, accountable and laser-focused team.

This is how you accomplish a stellar completion rate and break new grounds…

THIS IS IT my Friend!

I am personally inviting you to be part of This Very Exclusive Group !

If you feel excited about this exhilarating French Odyssey, let me recap what this catapulting experience is all about.


  • The Mindset. « There’s no fully completed success puzzle without the right Mindset » (Olivier). We don’t just dive into French. Before embarking, we reflect on “the invisible scripts”, pounder on our capabilities and get ready to use this French Experience as a launchPad.
  • An Unprecedented Momemtum through focus and accountability. This is highly likely to impact other compartments of your life.
  • A Digestable Formula. Intense enough for you to fast-track yourself yo Fluency. Levegared enough for you to keep on track with your regular schedule
  • The French Connection to further learn, expand, develop and nurture new opportunites
  • A thoroughly designed Mission. We prepare, lift-off, enjoy the O-gravity and all come back safe and fluent


  • An Unshakable Confidence. Your Before and After testimonials will be more than eloquent.

Definitely not another French Course, n’est-ce pas?

You just can’t help but breathe, think and dream in French..

in 28 DAYS

– within a formidable team of like-minded francophiles

– leveraging the power of Exponential Learning

Yes, I know..

At this exact moment, you’re probably wondering how much is the Investment for this Unique Mission?

Well, here’s what you need to know for now

This obviously is a High-Ticket/High Value Program.

And If FFF were a plane, it would most likely be a Concorde …or its next generation supersonic equivalent. Its saves you a considerable amount of time, keeps you sharp, fresh and « unjet-lagged » while offering superior attention.

Yet, FFF is not inaccessible and the impact and content of the formula goes FAR BEYOND the 28 DAYS

This is why I definitely encourage you to.

Save Your Spot Today

Only 5 seats Available

– Secure Payments Via –

Enrollments for July's Session will Close in









True! The Fluent in French in Four weeks formula is NOT for everybobody.

This is why you deserve the absloute clarity on how your current struggles will vaporize and the certainty that this approach is a right fit for you – before you join.

My "Certainty" Call

Only a few slots available for these calls – Use them wisely

What’s the « worst-case scenario » after this call?

– we  may eventually find out that you’re not a right fit at this time.

– or You might decide not to enroll…

It’s still ok because I commit to design a personalized Roadmap for your Journey toward Fluency – irrespective of your decision.

You’re absolutely free to go ahead and implement on your own or to kick-start a fulfilling adventure with me.

By the Way,  Have you Noticed These Bonuses?

This Extravagant Offer does not stop here.

Enrolling in this Epic Team automatically grants you access to Rare bonuses you’ll be thrilled to enjoy.

>> Signing Bonus #1Become a Member of The In-Fluent Club.

Network is an essential piece of your development path. With This Incredible Bonus, you get the Chance to

  • network in French
  • further refine your oral expression …
  • with me and other members …
  • for ONE (1) Year!!!

No Theory…We talk about business topics and how to develop in a fast-changing word.

Le tout en Français bien sûr. A total of 44 sessions for one year !

Value – 1164 €

>> Signing Bonus #2 The Extra Boost Sessions.

I was a little bit strategic when deciding to add this bonus.

The reason is the following : Fluent in French in Four Weeks is a terrific propeller for your ambitions with French.

And, the shift you’re just about to operate will change your perspective on numerous subjects.

I want to give you an additional edge so that you keep elevating while becoming unstoppable.

You may still need some personalized extra support to polish a presentation, prepare for a business meeting, re-work your cv or make sure you’re conveying the specific message you want to communicate.

I am here for you.

This bonus gives you 2 (Two) 1 hour 1:1 meetings with me.

Encore another chance to rise to Excellence in French while anchoring this wonderful language  in  your lifestyle for the long run.

You can you use this powerful sessions up to 6 months after you enroll.

 Value – 399 €

>> Signing Bonus #3 Dictées Didactiques.

This  add-on is THE Game-Changer for French Grammar, Conjugation and Orthograph.

In 30 Dictées, I distill ALL my knowledge for you to become BETTER in written French than Most of French people WITHOUT having to learn ALL THE RULES!!

If your ORAL presentation is Great, wait till they see how Clean and flawless your written presentation is.

Didn’t I tell you this Program will give you absolute confidence?


Elena (originally from Romania) has been living in France for 19 years.

She was stressed out every time she had to prepare the minutes of a meeting.

More, her lack of written skills was compromising her remarquable contribution to the team.

[..] FAST FORWARD >>> She’s now the one telling her French colleagues they‘re making mistakes.

This is what I call « turning the tables »..

Value – 199 €

?Oh, Just one last word about the Bonuses:

I’d recommend you use these bonuses AFTER our mission so that we remain completely locked in the transition process during the course.

The effect of these 3 bonuses will be magnified…


Anything unclear or you have some questions or concerns?

Feel free to  contact me

Or, Even better, Book This « Certainty » CALL With me

My "Certainty" Call

We make sure you’re ready to embark

Nous Y Sommes! 

Some students will struggle for Years with multiple programs, multiple teachers, multiple trials and errors to amass and harness such a powerful knowledge.

Will they eventually get the same results? I honestly don’t know.

And even if they do…At What Cost ?!!!

What I do know for sure is that you get everything delivered and explained to you

  • in ONE single MONTH
  • with the relentless support of a sharp team and
  • a Committed Mentor.

Save Your Spot Today

Only 5 seats Available

– Secure Payments Via –

This Offer will be gone in








Again, only 5 seats available in July!

It all starts with 

My "Certainty" Call

If you’re seriously considering getting Fluent, this is the moment.

…Before the Call, Do Have a Look at the 



When Are The Sessions Scheduled?

We have our Live-Calls on Saturdays.

You can expect at least one hour for us to

  • Review the most important topics of the week
  • Give you some time to Ask as many questions as you need and
  • Get Ready for the following week.
Can Anyone Enroll ?

Non. FFF will be an exact match for you if match the following criteria:

A2-Level minimum

– You need to Get Fluent in French on a Urgent basis. (i.e in the next 3 to 6 months max)

– Ready, Willing and Able to Commit

How Does This Actually Work ?

We’re mainly working on a platform organized as a forum.

All the content, exercises, feedback are on this platform.

Whenever you contribute (orally or in written), I get back to you with the proper corrections, guidance and tips for you to improve on a daily basis.

How Do I know If I am ready to Join?

Easy !

There will never be a time where

– all the planets align

– on a sunny Monday morning…

– right after your breakfast..

The triggering factor is the pain and discomfort you feel every time you try to speak.

It can also be the perespective of the loss of an opportunity where Fluency makes the difference.

If you think the pain is tolerable or that you can afford to wait till an undefined date , Please Do Not Join.

I am being very direct here because it’s critical to have full clarity on your objectives immediately after the course.

If this anwer is not enough, Do not hesitate to Book a FREE Call with Me...

It’s Absolutely Fine not to Enroll in this Mission.

I have your best interest in mind, irrespective of your decision.


Is This Graded and Do I get a Certificate?

We value inspiration not competition! So, the course is not graded.

More, we value Skills not Paper-skills. Trust your Fluency and let your words and poise talk for themselves…

Can I join After the Offical Registration Date?

If you’re coming too late, I will kindly ask you to Position yourself on the Waiting List..


 Feel free to  contact me

Or, Book Your 1:1 CALL 

The "Certainty" Call

Only a few slots available for these calls – Use them wisely

Again, 5 Seats for this Intake – Dont’ Miss Out !

Les Absents auront tort dans...









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