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Fluent in French in Four weeks

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Let me congratulate you for taking action and deciding to dramatically increase your skills in French.  This page will help you confidently transition from “Don’t know much about French” to “La Vie en Rose » in virtually less than no time!

Of course, we –as humans- haven’t yet reached a level of development where you would learn another language, a la Neo from the Matrix. Hence, dedication, passion and work are essential pieces in the picture. I will support you in getting results…fast, while making sure you’ll never be plateauing…


What’s FFF ?


FFF stands for Fluent in French in Four… weeks. Yes! four (4)  weeks like in 28 days. As per BS-free policy, I will not try to convince you with another endless 40+-pronged demonstration. Let’s skip the blabla and let me take  you to the end results.  Let’s meet  Olivia and Cristina and Rafael who inaugurated the test sessions  run in September 2015…How these guys made it happen?

  • First, they had an urgent need to make it happen

Cristina was just about to move to France for 2 months for her job, Rafael wanted to work in France and make a dream come true, Olivia had just moved to France, near Toulouse and had to be fully independent there…

  • Second, they were willing to invest time and effort

FFF is definitely not a free ride. Each of these students had specific needs but shared a profound ambition to materialize their goals. Olivia, Cristina and Rafael worked hard, played hard, and remained open-minded, curious and humble while consistently keeping up with the pace.

  • Third, they had some basic foundations in French

Oui!, Indeed, I’ve got to highlight the fact that although these students were not happy with their proficiency, they had some basic foundations in terms of grammar and conjugation and were able to have a formal but somehow limited conversation in French. Let me be a little bit more specific here:

  • At the beginning of the course, they were not able to go through a professional interview in French.
  • After completion of the course, ils étaient très à l’aise (they were very comfortable with an interview session).

Ok, done with the talk, let’s now listen to the FFFriends:

Meet Olivia

Meet Rafaël

Meet Cristina

Ready to embark ?


The following criteria will help you decide whether FFF would be a good fit for you: (You don’t have to fulfill all of them! Take your time, think it through and decide)

  • You will move to France or to a French speaking country while or immediately after the course.
  • You want to maximize an expat opportunity at professional and personal levels
  • You’ve had enough of being embarassed with your flow
  •  You’ve had previous exposure to French (education/long trips/leaved-leaving in France)
  • You’re able to understand basic instructions in French but your vocabulary and pronunciation remain somehow… limited
  • French still sounds too fast and too furious…
  • You want it bad and you want it now!
  • Last but not least, you feel fully ready to commit!

Again, as per BS-free policy (excuse my French), I have to manage your expectations. You can reach fluency with far lower tickets and at your own pace. Should it be what you’re actually looking for, go for it! (C’est une excellente initiative). Otherwise, be aware that a consistent and high level of commitment from you side willl be expected.

Did not make the cut? Well pas de problème! We can and will help… if you wanna be starting something…

If you’re a beginner, I mean a real beginner starting from scratch; you might feel a bit intimated by the task and the extent of the job to be done. “Rome ne s’est pas construite en un jour!” I’ve released a free course (French Pronunciation Epiphany) that will help you:

  • Take the drama out (“On ne va pas en faire tout un fromage!” – There’s nothing to make a fuss about…)
  • Learn approximately 130 French words (bet you know most of them already!)
  • Gain hands/brains and tongue on grammar (just a glimpse to get started!)
  • Develop French pronunciation skills (oui! straight off! You’ll be amazed by how fast you can hit home runs…)
  • Build confidence for the next steps

This course may be used as a refresher if you’re contemplating coming to French (for good I assume)

Should this “linguistic bonbon” be savory enough for you to venture into the menu, you’ll soon be able to indulge yourself with the Podcast. You’ll get laser focused information and strategies to help you learn French. I’ll be compiling best practices from experts in the field …. You’ll be getting:

  • a short introduction (in English)
  • the core message, a 15 to 20 min. discussion (…did I say laser-focused?) in French
  • the corresponding downloadable .mp3 file (for you to further train your ears and tongue)
  • the corresponding transcript inclusive of:
    • a synthesis of the takeaways (yes, I know you’re busy…)
    • a highlight of the most salient grammar/conjugation points

For you to systemize your learning experience and get maximum impact on your learning curve, you’ll just have to subscribe.

FFF Presentation 


What’s the actual process ?



Not really happy with your performance ?

Enroll with FFF

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Tu parles couramment ! 

All right ! How much for the course ? 


Out of special offers, FFF program costs 700 € which remains a fraction of what you can expect from regular intensive programs. (I’m pretty sure you’re already aware of this). You may not know that FUSM also offers bundle packages in partnership with Français Authentique, providing you with extra opportunities to lower this price while stacking content and knowledge. More information here.

Rejoins-nous tout de suite !


Le cours n’est maintenant qu’à une portée de click ! A toi de jouer…

Any Questions ? Je suis  là pour t’aider… 


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