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The Buildings Blocks for an Efficient Transition to Fluency

How and Why you will Make it This Time…

#1 : Your French Ecosystem

The Reason you can’t fail anymore…

Discover unsuspected and easy ways to remain locked in the fluency process. Absolutely no need to move to France and there’s more..

most of this ecosystem is already accessible. I’ll show you how to get all the pieces together and boost your learning curve.

 5:04 min

#2 : Tapping Into Your French Voice

I guess you’ve already noticed this :

Fluent people seem to have another voice when they speak a foreign language.

Where does such an ease comes from ?

The technical term is neuroplasticity but I’ll keep it plain with one exercise which is a true game-changer.

 5:24 min

#3 : Summarizing

One of the pilars of my signature course.

This powerful exercise requires to be  specific and sharp in your communication. 

A one-minute execution demands some preparation and structure.

Let me show you how to start implementing this « trick » and catapult your level.

 5:08 min 

#4: Mastering Written French

Written French is an important piece of the success puzzle for anyone who wants to get fluent in French.

Why ? 

Because this is where you incorporate all the nuances. 

Written French is too often overlooked. This is the true separator between wanabees and actual fluent students.

Let me show you how to tackle one of the most efficient exercise: la Dictée.

 5:35 min

#5: The Immunity Package

Mastering French « technicalities » is important.

Having the right mindset is even more important.

This is the key in overcoming the plateau and keep moving and improving…no matter what. 

 5:44 min

#6: The "Buckle-Up" Guideline

Exactely What I would tell you 6 min before you embark in your journey to Fluency..

 5:24 min

Olivier Malanda

Coach / Moderator

Olivier is taking the concept to its full extent. He’s acutely aware of the roadblocks which have prevented you for becoming fluent…up to now

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