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Learn Smart, Get Fluent

Say Adieux to Your Struggles!

Time to Re-Connect with French and boost your language skills…at an unprecedented pace.

 The Pain Is Over !

Different methods, different apps, different teachers, different books and yet…this omni-present frustration.

You know the words, you understand pretty much everything but… “it won’t come out”

And when IT does…you’re still anxious about the pronunciation and just hope that the grammar is ok…

  It Souldn’t be that Way

After all the efforts and long hours you’ve been putting so far, getting fluent in French shouldn’t be like “pisser dans un violon” – sorry for the graphic and explicit French here

If you’ve reached this particular page, I  guess you will agree.

It’s high time to capitalize on your knowledge, escape This plateau and – enfin !- experience the serenity, confidence and poise of a fluent speaker, right?

For sure, there’s no Magic Fluency Pill for this…

But the French Epiphany 101 program is just about to abolish the chagrin and set you for Triumph with French …in a fraction of the time you’ve spent so far.

Why This Course Is So Different?

The answer stands in 3 words 

The Fluency Triangle

This simple concept changes everything.

This is the exact missing link between what you know and WHO you’re going to become.

Because in fact,

more than a mechanical Learning Process, Fluency is first and foremost a Transformation.

French Epiphany 101 is all about RE-wiring the speaking process around 3 components

– Reading out Loud

– Summarizing

– Exponential Learning

It’s the fisrt step and THE Activator for BE-coming fluent, articulate and completely fearless in French,

Just Like These Achievers..

"Le Professeur Olivier est très attentif aux élèves et à leurs progrès

Olivia Smit 

Public Relations and Receptions

The Netherlands

"Un Professeur attentif et efficace

Rafael Latorre Pereira

Asset Manager


"J'ai pu Enfin Appliquer mes Connaissances


Chef Concierge


  And Now It Gets Exciting..

On this page (and this page only!) I am offering you the rare opportunity to

  • Discover the efficiency of the concept
  • Experience the Results
  • with Me By your side
  • at an improbable price…: 27 € (oui! vingt-sept euros..)

Here’s what you get

  What’s Exactly In?

✅ 5 Modules with actual examples

✅ 1 Mind-Expanding Bonus

✅ and…YES…A personalized support

Does it look like any other “Tiens! Voilà! Débrouille-toi” program?!

I’ll be with you on this very first step…the most important one.

#1. La Lecture à Voix Haute

In Tune With Your French Voice

The exact way to master this underrated exercise and get in tune with Your French Voice.

I am sure about 3 things

#1. You will hate your first shots..and then

#2.…Everything will light-up…including your smile.

#3 and …Once this becomes a routine; you’ll BEcome unstoppable at reading French, everywhere, everyday…, day in, day out…

#2. Le Résumé

As Articulate as You’ve ever dreamed of

This…is a turbo-charged exercise.

If you could boil down any piece of content into a 1 min oral summary with a sentiment of absolute ease, would you consider yourself as fluent?

Well, let me show you how to filter  content and deliver your 1 minute résumé.

Plus : You have a real example from a real student you’ll be delighted to emulate.

I will quote myself:

« La qualité du français ne se mesure pas en fonction du nombre de mots, mais en fonction de l’efficacité des mots. » – Olivier

#3. La Concordance des Temps

You’ll regret you didn’t get this sonner..

Hum… Let me guess.

You’re still not clear about when to use le « future antérieur » or le « plus-que-parfait »..

I make it so clear that the principles will stick..on the long run.

How so?

It’s always better to understand the mechanism rather than to force yourself to memorize what you will ultimately forget.

And why this specific theme ?

Your French Interlocutor is very sensitive to the concordance.

This is a true differentiator between aspiring and convincing French speakers.

#4. Le Pronom Relatif « Dont »

To further elevate your game

This very subtle and elegant pronoun fluidifies the flow, simplifies the sentence and clearly signals that you’re on top of your French game when you master it.

A must !

And « bien sûr! », we do the extra-mile with some exercises and review the other pronoms relatifs.

Did I tell you the pain is over?  


#5. La Dictée

a.k.a The Separator

Regular teachers are not necessarily found of Dictée and I’m not sure apps are the best place for this unique and “intimate” exercise.

Yes, you read that right.

Intimate” because no other exercise enables you to mobilize 3 of your 5 senses (sound, sight, touch) to physically connect, internalize and engrave the words and structures.

The Plus : I go very very deep in the correction and decipher all the « mysteries » you had to take for granted up to now.

In short, I’m showing you the way to write without you having to get 20 Grammar Books or becoming an « Académicien ».  

#Le Bonus

All about Mindset

This bonus perfectly complements the course, leaving no room for ambiguity.

It’s highly mindset oriented.

« Skillset without mindset results in upset«  says my mentor…

In short you have…

6 Exclusive Videos (In English) 

Your French Ecosystem

 Tapping Into Your French Voice


 Mastering Written French

 The Immunity Package

 The Buckle-Up Instructions

  But Wait!  There’s More

You Can Count on 

The Personnalized Support

I’m here for you !

A personalized support ONLY valid for the first 20 lucky action-takers (Gor for it  NOW!)

What do I mean by personalized support?

You get your personalized corrections for One Reading and One Summary.


I am giving you the opportunity to virtually interact with me.

The process is easy and straightforward:

? : #1.You send me your reading and/or  a résumé.

#2. I prepare your corrections with pronunciation  tips, comments on your structure and vocabulary  – plus,  some suggestions to move the needle.

Some teachers would ask for the full price of this punchy program for this only!!

You get it as a built-in feature if you’re part of the 20 action-takers. (I can’t obviously do this for everybody..)

 Some words from The Creator, Olivier

 « You’ve just realized how close you are from fluency in French..

This is Great. I’t’s now time for action.

This formula is the ideal step if you want to test my specific approach at absolutely No Risk.

But watch out!  The biggest risk is not doing anything at all!


Learn Smart, Get Fluent

Une excellente préparation à FFF.

C’est simple:

#1. Commence avec cette approche structurée

#2. Évalue tes résultats avec ce cours exploratoire.

#3. Inscris-toi à l’une des prochaines sessions FFF

Foire Aux Questions

Surtout n’hésite pas à m’adresser tes questions en direct @ : olivier@frenchusomuch.com

A qui s' adresse ce cours ?

Ce cours cible le niveau intermédiaire.

Les exercices sont-ils tous corrigés ?

Oui !

Comment puis-je utiliser ce programme ?

Le programme est accessible sur une plate-forme en ligne spécifiquement dédiée. Si tu as une connexion, tu peux y accéder à n’importe quel moment. Tu peux progresser à ton rythme.

Combien de temps dois-je utiliser ce programme ?

Excellente question ! Ce programme doit être utilisé sur une base itérative.

En fonction de ton calendrier et de l’intensité que tu es prêt(e) à investir, il te faudra entre 5 et 10 jours pour compléter le programme la première fois. Je ne recommande pas plus de temps car ton effort serait dilué  avec un impact plus faible.

Ensuite, tu devras intégrer en particulier le Résumé et la Lecture à Voix Haute dans ta routine quotidienne. Tu constateras par toi-même que, l’assurance aidant, tu y passeras de moins en moins de temps à chercher tes mots.

Ton vocabulaire sera plus riche et tu consommeras plus de contenu en français…

Enfin, n’oublie pas que si tu as des questions spécifiques, j’y répondrai volontiers.

Offres-tu un support personnalisé ?

Oui ! Suivi personnalisé pour les 20 premiers volontaires qui s’engagent sur ce programme.

En combien de temps puis-je espérer avoir des résultats ?

Tout d’abord n’espère pas et agis. Ensuite, c’est toi qui décides.

FUSM est là pour te pousser à te dépasser et atteindre ton objectif. Si tu t’emploies à suivre les conseils et instructions sur une base régulière et à faire de ce programme une routine, les résultats suivront. Si au contraire, ce programme ne reste qu’une icone sur ton mobile ou ton PC, il ne se passera rien, hélas…


You Have 30 Days To Try This New Approach.

When I say try, I mean you need to complete at least 80% of the training.

If this does not bring you the results you were expecting, send me an e-mail and 100% of your investment will be refunded.


Learn Smart, Get Fluent

I’m Ready for Results

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