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One Month Away From Fluency



Let’s get starting now with :

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Our Mission : Get you Fluent in French fast through a Fully Immersive Experience

> We mean Fluent, i.e able to speak easily and accurately, with a full command of French Language.
> We mean Fast (and not furious), i.e fast enough for you to transition from transactional (“Bonjour! Je voudrais une baguette s’il vous plait“) to fully conversational ([…] « j’ai une histoire très drôle à vous raconter « ) communication.

> We mean Fully immersive experience.  You may not be able to travel to France to learn French…Actually… you do not have to

We consistently bring French content to you and help you master grammar, conjugation and proper writing. In short, we decipher the content while taking the drama out.

How Fast ? : What About… One (1) Month ?!

 Do you remember the movie ‘The Matrix’ when Neo learns Martials Arts just by being uploaded the “program”?…Well…this is not what’s going to happen here with French…sorry!

But don’t loose faith my dear friend !  I’ve developed a specific curriculum which will get you there…in 28 days.

By the way, the solution I’ve crafted is a system, so you can  actually expect to get fluent.

But.. There’s a Catch..


Bien sûr, you will not get Fluent in French overnight and our Flagship course is not for everyone. I can pretty much predict you will make it in One Month if you fulfill the condistions below:

Minimum B1-Level
Short-Term Goal

  • If you do not make the cut, it’s ok ! Hang on, practice and follow the advice and tips I distill on a consistent basis and get ready.
  • If you do make the cut,  I have only one piece of advice. Do not let the opportunity fly, do not procrastinate and engage right now


Now, See you on the other side.. 


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Your Testimonial…en français…awaits here..

[..] Je ne peux que recommander !


[..] un professeur très attentif et efficace..


[..] Le cours m’a poussée à me dépasser. [..] Je suis plus attentive [..] maintenant j’ai confiance en moi-même [..]


[..] J’ai énormément bénéficié de ce cours. Olivier m’a donné la possibilité de finalement appliquer mes connaissances [..]


It All Starts Right Here.. 


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