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Affiliate Resources

Affiliate Resources

FUSM makes sure you’re getting the best throughout your journey…


Français Authentique earned its position as key player among french learning programs. Its founder Johan hepled thousands of ambitious students just like you automate their learning experience and « avoir confiance » in their talent and capabilities. Testimonials  speak for themselves so no point for me in further adding on this. If you’re familiar with FUSM website, you’ll notice that Français Authentique also appears in the free « Resources » section as Johan offers a free course and a very very generous amount of free content…

FUSM is partenring with Français Authentique for two reasons:

 > Reciprocity as the very first FFF’s students enrolled after this Français Authetnique Podcast (where I introduced the method)

 > Added value for you, so please keep reading…

Of course, you can start any of Français Authentique’s Pack from the affiliate links below:


Pack 1 – Découverte

If you’re serious about (re-)starting French it’s time to start your engine!

C’est Parti !

Pack 2 – Discussions Authentiques

Original French conversations as starting point to build vocabulary, practice « la répétition » and gain confidence

C’est Parti !

Pack 3 – Vidéos Authentiques

Taking it to the next « immersion » level through videos.

Comme si vous y étiez!

C’est Parti !


More, FUSM is slightly changing the regular affiliate script by going a step further:

Should you decide to start any of the above-mentioned pack though our affiliate links, FUSM will back your purchase with the equivalent rebate on FFF program.

This is our FUSM matching plan. Click here for more.


Tu veux parler couramment français. FUSM va t’aider.   Rejoins nous >