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Much Closer than you Ever Thought

132 Million

132 Million people are learning French as you read these lines

This is the Official Number from the O.I.F (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie)

This is roughly the cumulated population of Spain & Germany…or twice the population of France.

A Huge Number, indeed ?

Yet, the story does not tell how many of these motivated learners will reach the Final stage : Fluency.

In reality…a small fraction.


Because, there are many hurdles on the journey.

Time, the kids, the job, life, “French is difficult”, « I’m too old »…


just like in any other activity, reaching the Top requires a high level of dedication.


Dedication is Not Enough

..and here’s a True Story..

I remember, as a student, having to re-pass a computer programming test….

What’s the connection with learning French? Keep on reading please.

I’m talking about a very popular programming language : C-Language.

Excuse my French, but I simply sucked at C-language.

I sucked so bad that even after one month reading books, (re-)doing exercises and trying to understand, I ended up with an even lower grade at the second examination !!!

Respectively (7/20 the first time and 5/20 the second time).  And yes…you read that right.  Grades are really « out of twenty« …

Did I ever come back to C-Language after this experience and prove to myself and to the World that I could code ?

Nope…Never Ever!

I ran as fast as I could from this Language...

You see, sometimes there are some specific things you just can’t seem to comprehend.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Some topics are extremely easy to catch and use and… for other topics…there’s a Bug in the Machine.

The Moral of The Story

This episode story means a lot.

With insight, I understood that to be become quickly proficient in new skills, there’s a fundamental ingredient that can’t be overlooked.

Without this key component, trying to master  new skills can turn out to be as desastrous as a transplant rejection.

Your System will fight as hard as possible to Reject the Information, resulting in very  low sucess chances in spite of strenuous efforts.

And The Key Factor Is

Purpose Alignment

Let’s Fast rewind a little.

In the C-Language example, contrary to 98% of the other students

  • I Didn’t See Myself as a comptuer coder
  • and in the back of my Mind was this persistant question: « Will I Ever Need That ?!« 

Enough of me and Fast Forward to You now.

I guess you did have previous exposure to French. You might even have been doing very well, right ?


Let Me Ask You A Question

A pinch of coaching time now…

Early Disclaimer:

#1. The following section may appear as a Personal Development statement. I take full responsibility for it.

Learning and Mastering new languages is Personal Development. 

#2. The following section is based on my experience and lessons I got from my mentors.

It is intended to Save you Months of Frustration and Plateau.

After this kind introduction, here’s the question.

How in Tune ARE YOU with your Goal : BEING Fluent in French?

If you consider French as a difficult task to get through, that will be hard my Friend.

If, au contraire, French is Meant to BE a part of Your LIFESTYLE, then we need to talk…

That’s it.

I won’t talk about how Fast you could reach Fluency, How fun, addictive and insightful the process can be or how much support you can get from your peers.

Simply ponder this question…and when you’ve got your answer, let’s have a call…

Book Your Call Today

Book Your Slot Right Now. We discuss Where You’re Standing and what Could be The Next Steps

Olivier Malanda

Olivier Malanda

Creator of French U So Much

Olivier is from Martinique, a small French Island in the Caribbean.

He’s been lucky to be immersed at an early stage in English and Spanish and also studied Latin and Greek… Yes..back in the days…

He’s an Electronic Engineer by training and started the FrenchUsoMuch concept in 2016.

The approach has been consistently enriched and refined as he’s been developing himself along the way.

He’s praised for his attention to details, dedication and focus.

He’s currently living in Germany.



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