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One Month Away From Fluency


This Unnoticed, Unsuspected and Underrated Method will Save you YEARS of Practice and Embarrassement..

How is this Possible ?!

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Pain is Officially Cancelled!

Oui ! Absolument.  You read that right…

This specific Method is redefining French Learning.

 – How? 

By exponentially accelerating the process.

 – Exponen-what?!

Exponentially. Let’s use an analogy:

This is the exact same difference between you

– swimming alone in the deep and cold waters of the Atlantic


– comfortably flying a supersonic jet, with no jet-lag, from New-York to Paris…

Which of these options would maximize your chances?


  • In one case, you will most probably end-up missing in action
  • In the other case, you will literally… time-travel.

 – How is this even possible?  There’s a lot of funny claims out there and « Je ne suis pas né(e) de la dernière pluie ! »

I get that…

Let me show you.

I need to warn you though…

You’ll be shocked  by :

– How the process is stripped out of the « flonflon »

– How the components perfectly fit together

How fast you can reach fluency

By the way, the students below who started as intermediates reached this level in one month..

Qu’en dis-tu?

Do you Expect Similar Results ? 

Florian | Chef Concierge | Munich

[..] J’ai énormément bénéficié de ce cours. Olivier m’a donné la possibilité de finalement appliquer mes connaissances [..]

Cristina | Analyst | Frankfurt

[..] Je ne peux que recommander

Rafael | Asset Manager | London

« [..]un professeur attentif et efficace »

Nadia | Professor | Toronto

[..] Le cours m’a poussée à me dépasser. [..] Je suis plus attentive [..] maintenant j’ai confiance en moi-même [..]

Your Journey to Fluency Starts Now


No spam. Unsubscribe any time.
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About the Creactor, Olivier Malanda

Olivier is the Creator of FrenchuSoMuch, your Fast Lane to Fluency.

Just like you, he’s acutely aware of the discomfort, frustration and stress which comes along with not being able to communicate in a foreign language…

Definitely not a funny situation.

Olivier is a native French French speaker, currently learning German. He’s fluent  in English, Spanish and Creole.

He’s been a catalyst for several students and strive to help them grow and elevate beyond French skills.

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